There are never enough hours in the day so why waste any more time than you need to waiting for an electrician to survey and quote your project?
That’s why we created….Zebra Swift!

Zebra Swift is our new service, designed to provide a fast, efficient and cost-effective solution for customers who don’t like to wait. And let’s face it… who does?!


You can depend on us, we'll be where we should be, when we should be.


We know how important updates are. We've developed systems that make sure you're never in the dark at any stage.


We know that our customers deserve only the best quality of workmanship, and we take pride in it. It's one reason why our clients come back to us.


Family owned and operated, at Zebra Electrical we put our people first. We know what it means to be valued, and we ensure our team feel the same.


Our business was founded on a sense of responsibility, with a deep commitment to our community, we are passionate about sustainability, our environment, in every aspect from working practices right through to our suppliers’ green credentials.

Not only do Zebra Swift customers benefit from our 5 core values, they also benefit from:


As we have grown, the time customers wait for a quote has grown too. We hate making people wait! With Zebra Swift, you won’t need to wait for a quotation before works begin, meaning you will have an electrician on your project much sooner than before.


Let’s be honest, when we give you a quote for a job, we are covering all bases and making sure that we allow for “worst case scenarios”. This usually means the customer pays more than necessary. With Zebra Swift, you only pay for the work we have done.


By cutting out the time it takes for our Contracts Managers to quote each job, they will have more time to answer your questions and give you free advice. Every Zebra Swift customer is given their own personal Contracts Manager to call on if they need any help at all.


Reduced office time sending out quotes, means that we have the time to send detailed invoices, outlining all labour and materials assigned to your project. This means no hidden costs, no unaccounted expenses and a lower overall project cost for you.


As well as invoices, we send all of our Zebra Swift customers a detailed Job Service Report. This has an even more in depth breakdown of who was on your job, at what time and on which day. We want you to be 100% confident that you are only paying for what we have done.

How does it work?

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