Solar Panel installation

For your home or business

Solar energy can save you money at your home or your business or both!

We will visit you, provide you with a free survey, complete with personalised energy savings forecast plus a full visual sketch.

Please click the button below to start your solar PV quote, or if you prefer, please call 01524 571421 or email to discuss your requirements.

To ensure you have the perfect home or business solar system, our team will take an in-depth look at your roof type and consider which size would be best for it. We’ll also assess any shade concerns or equipment locations that may need attention before installing panels on top of your premises.

Our site surveys are completely free so don’t hesitate – contact us now to get started with going green.

We use design software to assess the orientation, size and angle of your roof together with any likely obstructions. We then provide you a full written quote for solar power that takes into account projected outputs as well as paybacks detailing all options available – this includes assistance choosing which type is right for you. We will provide with and without battery storage options for you to compare.

Placing your order with us, we will ask you to complete a simple order form, sign an agreement before we can get started on producing the products that will make up this contract.

We take care of all scaffolding, roofing and electrical aspects of the job. We even use professional roofers to ensure your project is completed to the highest possible standard.

We’ll make sure to schedule your solar installation for a time that works best, and we can usually get it done within two days. Most home systems are installed over this timeframe, however if there are any other factors unique only to specific buildings, we will have already accounted for this during planning stages, and we will communicate this and agree beforehand.

The last step after commissioning will be completing any paperwork necessary before handing everything over to you and ensure you fully understand how everything works.

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