Fuse Boards & Consumer Units

Do I need a new Consumer unit?

There are various reasons you might need a consumer unit;

Your current fuse board is out of date and would fail an EICR.

Having an out of date fuse board is one of the most common reasons your house would fail an EICR report.

You have an old-style “rewireable” fuse board.

Not only are these relatively unsafe, but they are also highly inconvenient in the event of a fault. A new consumer unit will offer resettable devices, saving time and expense if a fault occurs.

You are having electrical installation work carried out to the property.

Regulations state that various electrical installation types require your consumer unit to have a certain level of protection. Although there are other options, a new consumer unit is usually the best option, as it allows you to bring the whole installation up to standard.

Can I have a new consumer unit if my wiring is in poor condition?

Unfortunately, no. We are not able to carry out a consumer unit change if the wiring in your house isn’t to a certain standard. This is a legal requirement under Part P Legislation. Before we carry out a consumer unit change, an EICR must be carried out, with no immediately unsafe items found other than those relating to your existing consumer unit (Find out more about EICRs here).

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